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#2 Wallace Tower Staff

Theme: Wallace Tower / Benholm's Lodge, Aberdeen and the Picts ( made for a loyal member of the Scottish Castles Association )

Mowbray #2 - The Wallace Tower Staff is the second of a series of themed staff creations by Paul Mowbray. Wallace Tower, also known as Benholm Lodgings, is a 17th century z-plan building in Aberdeen. This staff was made for a prominent member of the Scottish Castles Association after years of dedicated service.

  • Wood: European oak
  • Length: 1.4 Meters

As the person, to which this staff was gifted, has Pictish heritage, it seemed - a nice touch would be to include Pictish elements ( see pic below ) as part of the design. The staff also boasts Scottish blue leather handle grips along with an ancient Scottish patterned mid-section. On the Tower at the top - on the carving detail - there are silver elements capping the turrets and also in the little statue inset of Sir Robert Keith, his sword, and even his tiny faithfull dog. It is also fitting that the Scottish Castles Association's logo, in silver, is also included.

Aye Siccar - Old Scots meaning describing Always Sure, Secure and Reliable

Above: An accurate carved depiction of Aberdeen's Wallace Tower ( aka Benholm's Lodgings ) - a particular favourite of the person this staff was made for. Note the silver turret tops.

Pictish carving - fitting for a man with Pictish ancestry

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The Theme

Above left: Wallace Tower in its original location in Aberdeen and right, its current look and location

Wallace Tower, also named Benholm's Lodgings, was originally built around the year 1600 by Sir Robert Keith of Benholm. A fine example of a Scottish z-plan fortified house. In the 1960s it was re-located from its original site at Nethergate in Abedeen's city centre, to make way for a shopping complex, and moved stone by stone to near the city's Seaton Park. Sadly, it has since been largely ignored by Aberdeen Council and has been lying empty and unused. There are however moves underfoot, by the TILLYDRONE COMMUNITY TRUST, to find a use for this important building. ( more info )

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