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#4 Castle of Moy Staff

Theme - Clan MacLaine - Castle of Moy, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Mowbray #4 - The Castle of Moy MacLaine Clan Staff is the forth in a series of themed staffs made by Paul Mowbray. The castle is a stunning Scottish tower of three levels and located on the Isle of Mull. This finely crafted show-piece is carved with the finest care and attention to detail and is adorned with an old Scottish Celtic pattern. Here the Tower is depicted as it would have appeared in a complete condition along with silver turret tops. The pictures speak for themselves.

  • Wood: European oak
  • Length: 1.4 Meters

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The Theme

Castle of Moy - Pic courtesy of Castle Finders

Castle of Moy is a castle situated in a simply stunning location on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Built by Hector MacLean in the 15th century this Tower, although a ruin, still stands fairly complete, and perhaps, one day will be restored. It is the ancient seat of the clan MacLaine. ( more info )

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Added: 15 Aug 2023 Updated: 16 Nov 2023