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#5 The Bruce King Staff

Theme: King Robert the Bruce ( probably the most imprtant man in Scotland's history )

Mowbray #5 - The Bruce King Staff. Commissioned by a Scottish Border castle owner with Bruce connections. The King who gave so much for his country sits proudly on top of this finely carved Scottish staff - battle axe in hand. A Scottish thistle pattern is intricately carved around the mid section along with the finest leather handle grips - and who can spot the silver spider who never gave up trying?

  • Wood: European oak
  • Length: 1.4 Meters

This Robert the Bruce King Staff has a specially built stand with Scotland's lion rampant on a silver shield clasp. Some would say ... built for a King.

The Theme ... and that spider

Robert the Bruce ( 1274 - 1329 ) was a warrior King who fought for Scotland's freedom from tyranny during the wars of independence against England. His greatest achievement was when, against all odds, he led his Scots army to victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Earlier in his quest there is the story that during desperate times, and on the run from his pursuers, Bruce hid in a cave not knowing what to do next. At this pivotal moment he was inspired to carry on the fight after watching a spider repeatedly trying to build its web and finally succeeding - after many failed attempts. The rest is history. ( more info )

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Added: 14 Aug 2023 Updated: 16 Nov 2023