Paul Mowbray Artist Craftsman

Artist and Craftsman

Mowbray Staffs

Here we showcase the collection of themed Mowbray Staffs. Each piece is a meticulously carved work of art, using sustainable sourced wood, adorned with special features and can include a range of quality materials such as intricate silver elements, the best of leathers and the finest braid.

The aim is to accept more commissions on further subjects such as historical figures, respected heroes or a staff specially made for fondly-remembered family members such as the Campbell Clan staff. Other themes can be Scottish Clans, Viking, Celtic, Religious etc - the range of topics are endless. A staff can be crafted for someone as a personal token of recognition for many years' service or to mark a special achievement. If you have something in mind ... get in touch.

To commission a masterpiece Mowbray Staff on a theme of your choice - contact Paul

Each staff bears the mark MOWBRAY #1, MOWBRAY #2 and so on.