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Property Painting

If you hold an attachment to a beautiful, historical or otherwise interesting property such as a castle, tower house or manor - why not have it captured in art form, painted in a variety of mediums such as oil, acrylic, ink or watercolour, and framed for display. If required Paul can even make quality frames to compliment the art.

Paul has a particular interest in historic and period buildings. On this page is a selection of some of the eclectic properties he has been asked to paint.

If you would like to commission a painting of a property special to you - enquire here.

Cove House
'Cove House', Painting: Paul Mowbray
Brackenhill Tower
'Brackenhill Tower' - as it is today - Painting: Paul Mowbray
Briglands House Painting
'Briglands House', 18th Century House later extended and enhanced by Sir Robert Lorimer. Painting: Paul Mowbray
'Brackenhill Tower' - depicted in the16c - Painting: Paul Mowbray
Alice in Gold
'LochHouse Tower, Moffat' - depicted in the 16c - Painting: Paul Mowbray
LochHouse Tower
'LochHouse Tower, Moffat' - newly restored - Painting: Paul Mowbray
Ecclesiamagirdle House Painting
'Ecclesiamagirdle House', Painting: Paul Mowbray

Above is a painting of 'Ecclesiamagirdle House' - a stunning fortified laird's house from the early 17th century situated near Perth, Scotland. Paul visited the property during a Scottish Castles Association Castle Weekend Tour in 2013. Paul named the painting 'tickles my girdle'.

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