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Works 2 - Alternative Art

In my art the theme is my priority, with an understanding of art history and technical skill the portrayal is considered. After an extended period I choose my approach, always avoiding adherence to a single unified style to define everything.

Arthur C. Danto, philosopher and respected art critic, once wrote an interesting article on the painter Gerhard Richter. He describes a retrospective of Richter’s work in Chicago in 1987.

In essence, the variety in Richter’s work left him in the belief he was in a some sort of a group show, containing a number of artists work.

I hope the viewer can appreciate a like degree of variety in my work. As I dedicate the themes potency over an individualised style to capture all.

Pentimenti series

Gift of earth I, painted relief sculpture

Gift of Earth II, painted relief sculpture

Lapis sources, gessoed board tiles

For more information on the Pentimenti series click here


'Sanctum realm'

( diptych ) 2014

'innards', 'in ether', oil on canvas

M, darkest portrait, oil on canvas

proses over void, oil on linen

…dissipating @ ninety three, oil on canvas

Divided, oil on canvas

Pausing crossing, oil on canvas

Three pauses in a conversation, oil on canvas

Institutionalised, oil on canvas


'Grey and Greene'

( diptych ) 2004, oil on linen

Maternal interior

Dark commute, oil on canvas

By, pausing crossing first, oil on canvas


Threshold Series

2008 - 2010 oil on linen

For more information on this Threshold Series click here

Threshold IV, oil on linen

Threshold I - noise, oil on canvas

Threshold IV (carved version), French walnut

Threshold V, 'light in studio corner'

Threshold II, oil on canvas

Threshold 1A, oil on linen

Threshold XIII, reflection of self - Paul Mowbray Threshold XIII, 'reflection of self'


'Travel allegory' series

2012 oil on canvas

For more information on this 'Travel allegory' series click here

Threshold III, oil on linen

St Andre allegory, oil on canvas

Attacco di panico, oil on canvas


Vignettes, Pendants

2006 – oil on canvas/linen & mixed media

For more information on Vignettes, Pendants click here

Four Vignettes Series

2007 – 2009, oil on canvas

Elie I, oil on canvas

Avignon II, oil on canvas

Elie II, oil on canvas

Avignon I, oil on canvas


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