Paul Mowbray Artist Craftsman

Artist and Craftsman

Paul Mowbray Art

Paul's art is diverse stylistically and thematically. His work is inspired from real life, nature and iconic art from the past.

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Contemporary Art Works 1 - Contemporary Artmore

Alternative Art Works 2 - Alternative Artmore

Abstract and Diverse Art Works 3 - Abstraction & Diversitymore


Portrait Painting Works 4 - Portraitsmore

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  • Works 1 - Contemporary Art

    Most of us reflect on what an artist's intentions when creating a work. In the experience of contemporary art I believe the value of what an artist's work may mean to us is important. I hope I define enough in my text to cultivate interest for the viewer.

  • Works 2 - Alternative Art

    In my art the theme is my priority, with an understanding of art history and technical skill the portrayal is considered. After an extended period I choose my approach, always avoiding adherence to a single unified style to define everything.

  • Works 3 - Abstract Diverse Art

    Abstract painting affords me another dimension in addition to my figurative painting. It can offer a whole new variety of approaches to the theme and how it’s communicated.

  • Works 4 - Portraits

    Portrait painting by Scottish Artist and Craftsman Paul Mowbray.

  • Works 5 - Art Detail

    This page details the processes and background in the forming of some of my artwork. Those detailed below benefit from a degree of background insight to help construct the atmosphere of the finished artwork.

  • Works 1 - The Void Stares Back by Paul Mowbray

    The Void Stares Back - Paul Mowbray

  • Works 2 - Pentimenti Series by Paul Mowbray

    Pentimento (or plural pentimenti) will be familiar to most who have studied paintings and have recognised a change in the paints texture hinting at 'something else' beneath the existing surface of the painted work.

  • Works 1 - Triptych, 'As I happen' by Paul Mowbray

    In this triptych, the inclusion of the iconic images immediately offers gravity and context for the viewer. In this way we may form a familiar resonant, it is interesting how this is taken by our recollection and can function in a new way/sense.

  • Works 1 - Britain's Saviour by Paul Mowbray

    Painted in my deconstructed gradient block tonal style, this, along with paint blurring/soft focus are my regular ways of depicting recall and memory. Inspired by handmade Spitfire assembled parts.

  • Works 1 - 'The momentary lacuna' by Paul Mowbray

    'The momentary lacuna' by Paul Mowbray

  • Works 1 - 'Friends at school' by Paul Mowbray

    Works 1 - 'Friends at school' by Paul Mowbray

  • Works 1 - 'Natures version I' by Paul Mowbray

    Works 1 - 'Natures version I' by Paul Mowbray

  • Works 1 - Conduit Series by Paul Mowbray

    The Conduit series explores the linear route, literal or symbolic in the act of painting. Transformative control In most of the series generates a tension and suggest a psychological movement that transcends an often-commonplace perspective and view.

  • Works 1 - Hopper Series by Paul Mowbray

    The Hopper series explores a capacity for shifts in meaning when only the slightest of changes are made to iconic works of art. Edward Hopper's art I greatly respect, so with a focused attention to detail and scale I approached this series.

  • Works 2 - Threshold Series

    The Threshold series takes us onto the axis and conveys the face and aspect of layers, mainly moderate in materiality with visual subtlety.

  • Works 2 - Travel Allegory by Paul Mowbray

    As of yet, composed of three paintings with more to follow. The concept stems from travel as the vehicle for exploration, I then further the experience by imposing and exploring an imaginary context.

  • Works 2 - Vignettes, Pendants by Paul Mowbray

    I class some of my works as vignettes, they may relate to main groups of work or be stand alone pieces. The pendant is an update or attachment to a series, and normally are quite distant pictorially, functioning as a further development on a theme.