Paul Mowbray Artist Craftsman

Artist and Craftsman

My Craftmanship Techniques & Skills

I always endeavour to take a renaissance approach in my design work and craftsmanship.

Both central and satisfying is the bond with materials and technique. I frequently apply classical proportioning systems and work in most media available to the artist. It may be sculpting and carving vibrantly figured hardwoods or working with precious metals in leaf form. Traditional materials and techniques give the means to opening an idiosyncratic worldview by the artist, providing great satisfaction in their working, linking us through history to the renaissance and often to ancient times.

With the renaissance approach comes the challenge of recreating period designs and the liberation of creating my own designs for a wide clientele.

In my career I have worked with a number of notable Scottish companies conducting artistic conservation and restoration projects in many of Scotland’s historic buildings including Edinburgh’s Old and New Town areas, working along side notable artisans and architects.

In addition, I have produced many highly ornate historic projects, including work for Historic Scotland, and The National Trust.

'Gift of earth I' in the making