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Artist and Craftsman

My Craftsmanship - Services and Design

As well as the items showcased on this site, I have included the hub of my services on this page. Scroll down to find images along with descriptive text on each individual service.

Above: The Mowbray #1 - The first in the collection of Mowbray staffs. Theme: Lagertha 'The Shield Maiden'

The samples below are a brief insight into my work in these selected fields. In my full portfolio I may have works inline with your considered/proposed project, this can help to develop and grow ideas further. Feel free to contact me via the ‘contact’ page on this site.

Carving Commissions

I readily take on personalised commissions for hand carved projects for clients and companies. These projects can range from a family motto to heraldic work and be as diverse as these images demonstrate. Carving and sculpting has been a constant with me through my whole career, pieces I have made can be found in modest domestic interiors right through to a very wide array of famous historic properties and Castles.

Concept, design, create and finish


If you are considering a project which would benefit from studied artistic input, I would be interested in offering my services which can be furthered by producing guide/outlines in materials composition, designs and also by incorporating professional services including architects.

Design is an integral part of my creative output. As you will see my experience is well informed and ranges from extensive travels in Europe surveying and detailing the key elements in architecture and landscape design through to interior furnishings. This broad research looks into sources throughout the span of history right up to the latest contemporary creations. I class my design service as artistically based, as, study and deployment in conservation projects inevitably leads to a mindset of seeking out prime reference material in architectural and artistic design fields. I have included here a gallery of samples from my designs from various arenas and in formats from hand painted watercolour depictions and drawings to computer 3d visuals.

Frames crafted and decorated with Gold Leaf Gilding. Paintings by Paul Mowbray

Property portrait painting commissions

To depict Historic properties in the manner of various periods it takes knowledge and adherence to the practises and techniques of that time. This discipline is based on following strict rules on composition and traditional pigments used with the correct techniques. For me this is more akin to the ways of the craftsman rather than the free expression of the creative artist, thus you can find these examples on my craftsman site. You may prefer your property to be depicted in a contemporary manner and, of course I also do this.

People Portraiture I have left out of my services page here as it is covered more comprehensively on my dedicated art website. You can find a link to this on the craftsmanship page of this site.

Decorative painting

Many of Scotland historic buildings have a heritage of traditional decorative painting including board and beam ceiling painting, popular between 1550 and 1650. Pictured above are materials used and panels with the attention to detail required to retain that authentic historic ambience - all part of my work for the historic Blackhall Manor in Paisley, which I was commissioned to paint in 2011. I used traditional materials, grinding pigments by hand and binding them in tempera. Below is the Blackhall Manor painted ceiling which includes scenes of the ‘Liberal Arts’ and, above, the ‘Virtues’ along with decorative designs on the boards similar to Gladstones Land in Edinburgh, also biblical text from Crathes Castle.

Above: Blackhall Manor, Paisley ( Painted Ceiling )

Above: Fairburn Tower ( Painted Ceiling and decorated surround fireplace )