Paul Mowbray Artist Craftsman

Artist and Craftsman

Art Philosophy & Methods by Paul Mowbray

I have always endeavoured to take a Renaissance approach to my art.

I frequently apply classical proportioning systems and work in most media available to the artist. From the flat surface of a painting with its colour and illusionary perspective, to creating sculpture with atactilematerial surface, possessing volume which can be held.

I have enjoyed over the years the challenge of recreating period designs and the liberation of creating my own designs for a wide clientele.

For the past twenty-five years, I have developed my use of photography. Today it provides reference sketches for my paintings and these along with traditional pencil sketches and notes on paper produce the atmosphere required to create my principle works.


circa 1985

I served an apprenticeship in the decorative arts. From 1984-88, the Late Joseph Charteris was my mentor and a major influence on my early development.

I here studied ornament, period design, carving, and sculpture, fabricating in wood and metal. An appreciation of the arts and proportion were the principal outlines.


I worked with a number of notable Scottish companies conducting artistic conservation and restoration projects in many of Scotland’s historic buildings including Edinburgh’s old and new town areas, working along side notable artisans and architects.

I produced many highly ornate historic projects, including work for Historic Scotland, and the National Trust.


Early days - honing his skills

I started to exhibit my paintings in Scottish galleries.

2003 - 2008- I travelled Scotland and Europe conducting further studies in art, and architecture, both historic and contemporary.

2007- Established my own practice producing artwork, including painting, carving, sculpture, and artistically led design and associated craftsmanship. I have exhibited my art in numerous British galleries and work alongside some of Scotland’s most notable talents in other fields including architecture.

2010 – Awarded Visual Arts Scotland, Award for applied art 2010.

Displayed in the Royal Scottish Academy 2010-11-12